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Hi, I’m Angel Falzone! I Provide Workshops for Personal Growth and Development. I also provide professional development and trainings on a variety of mental health topics.

Dr. Angel researches and develops relevant trainings for other mental health professionals (mental health counselors, social workers, marriage and family therapists, and psychologists).  Her trainings are dynamic, interacting, and engaging as well as practical. Participants walk away from Dr. Angel’s trainings with practical tools to utilize in their practice. Her trainings utilize cutting edge research and methodologies to assist participants in applying the most advanced tools and resources in their practices.

Dr. Angel reports all continuing education credits directly to CE Broker as well as provides participants with resources, training materials, and a certificate of completion.  Some of Dr. Angel’s professional trainings allows participants to earn a certificate demonstrating advanced training in a subject area. Dr. Angel’s trainings can be taken in a classroom setting at her training center in Clearwater or online.  Classroom training events will be posted on the calendar.

Training for Master Level Clinicians

Controlled Aggression




American with Disabilities Act

Affirmative Duty

Florida Statutes for Mental Health

Treatment Planning

Trust-Based Relational Interventions

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Clinical Practices

LGBT and Non-Affirming Religious Reconciliation

Trauma informed Care

Adoptions Competency Certificate Course

Childhood Sexual Abuse and Sexualized Behaviors

Parenting Deviant Behaviors

Building a Secure Base in Family Therapy

Building Family Resilience

Juvenile Sex Offenders

Chronic Pain and Mental Health

Psychotropic Medications

Domestic Violence

Understanding Psychiatric Diagnosis

Child Welfare and Mental Health

Early Childhood Social and Emotional Development

Suicide and High-Risk Behaviors

Cultural Competency and Mental Health

Divorce and Custody

Adults with Trauma

Workshops for Anyone

Parenting Utilizing: Trust Based Relational Interventions

Trauma and Parenting

Parenting Practices for Traumatized Children

Parenting Child Sexual Abuse and Sexualized Behaviors

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Parenting and Needs

Behavioral Modification

Parenting Special Needs Children


Goal Setting and Achieving

Healthy Relationships

Toxic Emotions

Letting Go of the Past

Breaking Negative Patterns/ Habits

Improving Communication Skills

Establishing and Maintaining Healthy Boundaries

Taking Back Your Power

The training activities helped me to feel what my patients are feeling


Dr. Falzone provided a genuine delivery of the information as it makes the entire family approachable and engaging


I loved the activities and group involvement


Good information, covered a large array of topics relevant to my field. Great examples and strategies


I like best the interactions between all of the participants and level of comfort and information provided was easy to digest.  The ability to learn and feel how children we work with feel. Best training of my career


Instructor was very knowledgeable of material covered


The format was concise and portrayed in an easy to comprehend way


I liked the way this large training was broken down and delivered.  Amazing activities that enriched the curriculum. I was engaged for the entire 32 hours of this training


My Approach

Dr. Angel approaches psychotherapy from a strengths- based perspective to empower clients towards optimal personal growth and development.  Dr. Angel utilizes a range of therapeutic interventions incorporating: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness-based Therapies , Expressive Therapies (art, music, play), Gestalt Interventions, Positive Psychology, Supportive Psychotherapy, Interpersonal Therapy, as well as Motivational Interviewing to create a personalized therapeutic experience tailored to each client’s needs and strengths.

Book Dr. Angel

Invite Dr. Angel to speak at your event. Are you interested in having Dr. Angel speak to your organization or group? Just send us the details of your event and we will get back with you about how we can assist.

Dr. Angel is a co-host of Go-Yard with MamaMac, a positive psychology based radio show airing on the WTAN 106.1 FM in the Tampa Bay area with podcasts available on www.goyard2014.org for the past 5 years. Dr. Angel on Go-Yard strives to empower her listeners through each show as well as provide practical self-help tools.